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Welcome to Silent Underground Studio...

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Silent Underground Studio
Hi there, we are glad you found us. It is great to have you here.
Welcome To Silent Underground Studio...

As you may know already, Silent Underground is a professional
recording studio that is based 100% online. What you may not
know is that we offer a full range of audio services that can help your next project sound PRO !

Some of our services include: Online mixing and mastering,
vocal correction, guitar reamping, drum programming,
audio consultancy, editing, micro editing, Fractal Audio AXE FX II and AX8 programming, custom guitar impulse responses
and just about everything else you can think of in-between...

We can offer 12 and 24 hour "turn around from payment" upgrade options on most projects to get your tracks back FAST.

We also offer further discounts on our already low prices when you combine various services for your projects.
Keeping even more of your hard earned cash in your pocket !!

Unlike most online studios, we never use a "one size fits all" pricing structure on our services. This is so we can make sure we keep every project as low cost as possible.
Why pay for 64 tracks in a mix if you only have 8 tracks ?

Other studios regularly use this "one price fits all" model but at the end of the day SOMEONE is paying for the difference, and unfortunately, its usually the small name artist with the
small project. Hardly seems fair.

Luckily, everyone is treated like a Rockstar at
Silent Underground Studio.

That is why we also do not have a minimum OR maximum limit on studio services. It doesn't matter if you need just 1 stereo track mastered OR have a 406 track behemoth mix !!

We welcome every project no matter the size or complexity
from beginner to PRO.

Thanks again for visiting Silent underground Studio
We can not wait to be part of your next audio adventure !!

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